Wednesday, June 23, 2021

So what is NFT #NFT #NFTRealEstate


If you are on Twitter you can find my second profile created just to talk about NFT. 

CavsTheBlockFan2016 (@CavsTheBlockFan) / Twitter I have dove into NFT over the last four months to try to understand what impacts might be coming to real estate in the way of stored contracts, closing that is all digital and stored verified on the block chain. 

There is a good bit of #NBATopShot trading card post along with #CryptoArt #Artvatars just fair warning also #MarbleCards. I will post about that as well. I

This is what has been recommended to me as a beginning to understand this space. 

NFT Bible on opensea which is a website if you google opensea go to the one with .io .. recommend to have a minimum of blockchain understanding, just the basics as well as some cypto understanding. Go for the blockchain revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott, the ted talk of Don Tapscott is also a very good starting point. The bitcoin standard is also a must read.
I would recommend to start with going to youtube and putting in "The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made" by the Defiant.
Then I would recommend looking at this group and videos on their website to understand where some think real estate is heading in crypto transactions but you can find them on Twitter at
Intl Blockchain Real Estate Assn
"International Blockchain Real Estate Association. Member-focused advocacy, educational, & trade organization."